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Antenatal Support for Parents & Babies

Mother and baby

Breastfeeding Support

Establishing breastfeeding can be challenging. Our gentle, non-judgemental qualified lactation consultant can support you and your baby through the early weeks. Libby & Co can provide in-home breastfeeding support in Auckland or phone & Skype support New Zealand wide.

Baby sleep experts

Sleep Support

Some babies need a little encouragement to learn good sleep habits. Our certified Sleep Consultant can help you and your bub get a sound sleep. Our experienced and highly trained sleep consultant uses a proven no-cry method to support a better sleep for everyone in your family.

Preparation to parenthood

In-Home Help

We all need a little extra helping hand sometimes. Our team are friendly qualified health professionals, giving you some extra support when you need it. We provide in home antenatal care for you and your baby in the Auckland area. We are also available to travel throughout New Zealand.

Passionate, Caring & Understanding


We know how challenging parenting can be. Libby & Co was established to provide sleep training, antenatal support and breastfeeding support for parents and babies in Auckland and beyond.

With over 25 years experience, our gentle & practical approach gives you the right tools to succeed.

Our highly qualified team includes nurses, midwives, lactation consultants and experienced sleep specialists. From antenatal, to lactation support, to hands-on sleep strategies, we can help.

Libby & Co is based in Auckland, New Zealand. We’re happy to travel to you for in-home antenatal care or breastfeeding support, or we can provide advice, including our proven no-cry sleep training via Skype or phone.

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