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Qualified, Natural, Gentle & Holistic

Antenatal Support for Parents & Babies

Mother and baby

Breastfeeding Support

Establishing breastfeeding can be challenging. Our gentle, non-judgemental qualified lactation consultant can support you and your baby through the early weeks. Libby & Co can provide in-home breastfeeding support in Auckland or phone & Skype support New Zealand wide.

Baby sleep experts

Sleep Support

Some babies need a little encouragement to learn good sleep habits. Our certified Sleep Consultant can help you and your bub get a sound sleep. Our experienced and highly trained sleep consultant uses a proven no-cry method to support a better sleep for everyone in your family.

Preparation to parenthood

In-Home Help

We all need a little extra helping hand sometimes. Our team are friendly qualified health professionals, giving you some extra support when you need it. We provide in home antenatal care for you and your baby in the Auckland area. We are also available to travel throughout New Zealand.

Passionate, Caring & Understanding


We know how challenging parenting can be. Libby & Co was established to provide sleep training, antenatal support and breastfeeding support for parents and babies in Auckland and beyond.

With over 25 years experience, our gentle & practical approach gives you the right tools to succeed.

Our highly qualified team includes nurses, midwives, lactation consultants and experienced sleep specialists. From antenatal, to lactation support, to hands-on sleep strategies, we can help.

Libby & Co is based in Auckland, New Zealand. We’re happy to travel to you for in-home antenatal care or breastfeeding support, or we can provide advice, including our proven no-cry sleep training via Skype or phone.

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  • 5
    We’ve been lucky enough to have Libby’s guidance and loving support for the start of both our babies lives. Her mothering nature and genuine care for you and your baby is incredible. After every visit we’d feel so reassured and ready to tackle the next stage. You really remember those involved during the early stages of your motherhood journey and we are so grateful for Libby and her encouraging and (ongoing!) support.
  • 5
    We had the absolute pleasure of having Libby’s support during the first few weeks of our first baby coming home. Libby made the introduction to becoming parents so much easier, from the first time she walked in we both felt a sense of relief and like we knew a little bit more about what to do! Libby was particularly helpful teaching me some great breastfeeding techniques and answering our many questions, both when she visited and over the phone when we didn’t know what to do. We can’t recommend Libby highly enough and are looking forward to her being involved with our little family when (hopefully) the second time round comes around.
  • 5
    Libby provided fantastic support to me and my baby girl during our first few weeks at home. Like most first time mums, I arrived home with my precious bundle feeling a little apprehensive, to say the least. But Libby was supportive, reassuring, and had an answer for every single one of my gazillion questions. With Libby’s help you can be sure you are doing the best thing for your babe.
  • Jane Yee Testimonial | Libby & Co.
    Libby has a wealth of knowledge on pregnancy, birth and babies. With Libby's help during the antenatal period of my first pregnancy I felt empowered to take on the role of motherhood. Then we had twins and Libby was instrumental in helping establish feeding and with settling in our tiny babies at home. I cannot recommend Libby highly enough!
    Jane Yee
    Twin Mama
  • Dan & Honor Carter Testimonial Libby & Co.
    Libby is the best in the business! Her knowledge and experience is second to none. She is passionate about her work and her positive influence always leaves you in a better place. We love Libby for her calm and compassionate approach. She leaves you feeling empowered, refreshed and more confident about your parenting skills. We were fortunate to have Libby’s help with our children and would highly recommend her to any parents in need.
    Dan & Honor Carter
    Parents to Marco, Fox, Rocco and Cruz
  • 5
    I would highly recommend the team at Libby and Co. My antenatal group and I had a session with Andrina, their sleep support expert. Andrina was a huge help, really friendly and provided each of us some great suggestions for how to improve our babies sleeping habits. Thanks again Libby and Co!
  • 5
    Andrina is an amazing sleep consultant. I love her holistic approach and the suggestions she makes are always based on what will work for us and our baby. We have learnt so much from Andrina, with her background in midwifery she has so much knowledge not just on sleep but in all areas of baby development. Andrina has helped us so much with getting our baby to sleep through the night, I couldn’t recommend her enough!
  • 5
    As soon as Libby walks in the door you breathe a sigh of relief. You can have a good cry in front of her, she totally gets it. Solid advice, given with love. And she has everything in hand. Libby is an angel! If you have a new baby, you need this woman for her wealth of knowledge, and to give you a break. You can walk out the door knowing your most precious person is in the best hands.
    Mum to Archie & Billie
  • 5
    I had heard amazing reviews of how great Libby & Co was from lots of my friends who were also under care, but they exceeded all of my expectations.
    Mum to Honor
  • 5
    Knowing you were just on the end of the phone made everything easier.
    Becky & Mike
    Parents to Mostyn
  • 5
    I really appreciate your advice and support. It was a hard couple of weeks, but great to have you to help me get through.
    Mum to Lucie
  • 05
    Libby was an incredible support in the first few weeks with our second daughter Stella. I looked forward to her visits during the most vulnerable time with a precious newborn home from hospital and I was so grateful for her advice and care when times were tough with feeding and expressing. I would absolutely recommend her as a midwife and consultant.
    Kathryn Wilson
    Mum to Lola and Stella
  • 5
    Libby is a fantastic midwife. She knows exactly how to approach new parents and babies. She is incredibly supportive and proves sound, practical advice. We will miss her visits!

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